Grayson County Code RED Alert System

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- If you're signed up for the Code Red weather warnings with Grayson County, you probably got a late night phone call warning you about rough weather.

Grayson County Emergency Manager, Sara Somers, says some people have called in asking about these calls and why they get them.

The Code Red alert system is an opt in service, where you can easily choose warning calls you want to receive.

You can go to the Grayson County Code Red website and decide which warnings, from tornado, thunderstorm and flooding, you want to receive.

But Somers says it could be dangerous to opt out of any weather warning.

"Stay signed up, for all of the warnings. We're in tornado alley and frequently the severe thunderstorm warnings are kind of the warm up band that are issued before the big event, before a tornado warning. Straight line winds and hail can do some serious damage," said Somers.

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