Grayson County jury duty pay cut

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Grayson County jurors will soon be paid less for their service.

Commissioners voted last week to lower the pay rate for jury duty.
County Auditor, Richey Rivers, says they will still pay 10 dollars for the first day of service, but for each day served after that, jurors will now be paid 34 dollars instead of 40 dollars per day.

Rivers says the county's decision is based on some recent changes in state legislature, but not all Grayson county citizens think this is a good idea.

"The state legislature this last session changed their rules, changed their policies, and they're going to reimburse the county less than they had in past so we're going to pass that reduction on to the jurors." said Rivers.

"They just get more and more and more from the state government or federal government. I just don't feel it's right I think you should be getting more and not less." said citizen, Charles Sellars.

Rivers says the pay rate could change again, depending on what the state reimburses the county.

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