Halloween safety is for pets too

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Tonight kids in costumes will gather up candy under their parents' watchful eye. But furry companions also have safety needs on Halloween .

Doctor Cade Wilson of Carter County Animal Hospital said worried pet owners call every year with their dog or cat emergencies.

"Not just that night, more the week following that because all the candy's there, the kids are eating it and the cat and dog find it," Wilson said.

The candy itself isn't the only worry. Wilson also said pets will eat the wrappers causing blockages.

For pet owner Cassiti Furman the solution is simple.

"We don't have it around," she said.

Wilson said overdosing on candy, especially chocolate, is the most common pet mishap he sees around this time, but there's more to watch out for.

The ASPCA said pets can end up with an upset stomach if they nibble on pumpkins too. Owners should also keep dogs and cats away from any wires so they won't chew them. And costumes shouldn't have dangling parts pets can chew off and choke on.

And if you're going to put your pet in a costume, make sure they like it. Otherwise it can cause undue stress.

To make sure Halloween doesn't cause you more stress, keep pets away from pranksters.

"It's not just the candy apples you worry about it's the bad apples," Wilson said. "So If you have outdoor pets I usually recommend trying to keep a short lead on them, make sure they're home."

Because for owners like Furman her pets are more than just animals.

"Those are my babies," she said. "They're my kids."