Healdton boy attacked by neighbor's dogs

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HEALDTON, OK -- Lacy Acox says her 8-year-old son Gage was helping a neighbor work in his garage Monday afternoon when the man briefly stepped outside.

Acox says her son heard the man's phone ring and was going to bring it to him, but once he stepped outside the man's garage...

"He said all the other dogs came running after the one dog attacked him...all the dogs came running...all the dogs came attacking," said Acox.

Acox says her son had multiple lacerations on his arms, legs, and had to get stitches on the side of his ribs from dog bites.

She says Gage has gone to the neighbor's house before with no problems from the man's dogs.

We reached out to the neighbor, who declined comment.
Healdton Police Chief, Tim Woodruff, says his initial report states only two dogs attacked the boy, but the boy told his mother there were more.

"I'm going back today to find out how many dogs are on the property, how many dogs were in the backyard at the time of the attack, and we will charge accordingly as we need to from there," said Woodruff.

Woodruff says it's illegal to have more than five dogs in Healdton without a kennel permit, and the owners could possibly face a vicious dog charge pending the outcome of the investigation.

Acox says she plans to pursue civil liability charges against the dogs owner. She says she doesn't want the dogs to be put down, but she does want the owners to take more responsibility.

"I'm a dog lover, and so is Gage, and he wouldn't want that either, but I do want justice to be served on it," said Acox. "I do want the right thing to be done, and I don't want to ever see this happen again."

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