Healdton residents concerned over malfunctioning streetlights

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HEALDTON, OK - The Healdton city manager said area residents are concerned over the city's malfunctioning streetlights.

City Manager Louis Smitherman said a number of streetlights along Highway 76, also known as main street, are flickering on and off or not working at all.

Smitherman said he wants residents to know the issue has not gone unnoticed.

The malfunctioning lights were a discussion point during a recent city council meeting.

He said the city has spoken with OG&E who told him they problem requires hiring a contractor.

Smitherman said they hope to have the problem solved quickly.

"We are trying to be good neighbors," Smitherman said. "We want our lighting for the public safety."

A spokesperson for OG&E could not be reached for a comment.

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