Health officials explain Affordable Care Act to Paris residents

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PARIS, TX-- Health insurance representatives were in Paris Monday night, informing residents about the Affordable Care Act.

Mayor A.J. Hashmi invited the representatives to the council meeting to help people better understand what the Affordable care act is, and the consequences of not signing up for health insurance.

Licensed Health Insurance Agent, Gina Berry, gave an overview for residents, helping them to make the best decision as they begin to sign up for coverage.

"At the end of the day you want to make sure you understand what is it going to cost me out of pocket, exactly what am I paying for and what is my plan going to cover for me," said Gina Berry.

To apply for health insurance, you can apply directly with the carrier, you can go through the state of Texas Health Insurance Market Place at, or an insurance agent.

You have until March 31st to enroll.