Health officials re-evaluate Ada High School students and faculty for Tuberculosis after student is diagnosed

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ADA, OK -- Health officials from the Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Pontotoc County Health Department gathered at Ada High School to re-administer Tuberculosis Skin Tests.

This is the second round of skin tests performed after a student was diagnosed last August.

"We re-test in 3 months, approximately 8 to 12 weeks post exposure because it can take that long before you convert a skin test to positive," said Amy Hill, with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Hill says nearly 200 students and faculty were tested in September and re-tested Tuesday. She says TB is an airborne disease, and a person would need to be exposed for 8 hours.

"If you inhale it, usually your body will take care of itself. It will wall off the bacteria, you won't get infected and you wont have any symptoms," Hill said. "But if you are infected, it will start to multiply and will develop symptoms."

The school is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

"The student was diagnosed late in the summertime so we went back to all students and teachers who had contact with that student back into the spring semester of last year," said Ada City Schools Superintendent, Pat Harrison.

Harrison says the health of the infected student has improved, and the student is no longer quarantined.

"That student has cleared all of the hurdles that they needed to clear and has been through the prescribed medications, and has been re-admitted back to school with a clean bill of health," Harrison said.

Hill says health officials will be back on campus Thursday to read the test results and at this point, they have no reason to believe anyone else was infected.

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