Heat strokes account for 700 deaths

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SHERMAN, TX -- As you head out to enjoy the lake, the park or any other outdoor activity this summer, the heat can be dangerous if you are not prepared for it.

"The cases of heat related emergencies drastically increases during the summer months. In the Texas heat, with the heat indexes we have, it makes it even worse," said Sherman Fire Marshall, Nathan Huffman.

Heat strokes account for nearly 700 deaths nationwide, each year.
There are plenty of warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

"Some people get confused and disoriented. They'll start having headaches, they'll become nauseated, they can vomit as well. So, whenever they start feeling different than their normal, then they need to hurry up and get some water or go to the emergency room," said internal medicine doctor, Dr. Kimberly Crawford.

Our bodies respond to heat by sweating. This cools us down, but it also dehydrates us. When your body has stopped sweating when you know it should be, that is the sign of a heat stroke.
You need to get hydrated or get to an emergency room immediately.

"It is totally preventable, but you have to keep hydrated all the time," said Dr. Crawford.

Infants and the elderly are most at risk for heat related illnesses. Taking breaks from being in the sun, and exercising during the morning or evening is reccommended. No one is completely immune.

"If you know you're going to be out in the heat, if you've got an event coming up where you're going to be exposed to the heat for a while, it's always good to drink a lot of water and pre-hydrate before you do those kinds of things," said Huffman.

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