Ardmore's Heritage Hall damaged in storms

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ARDMORE, OK - Rain is still dripping off the roof of Heritage Hall after Tuesday night's storms. Officials said high winds left a 10-foot wide hole in the building's roof. Lifelong Ardmoreite Audrey Gordon said this historic building is a priority.

"A landmark type building, something I've always seen as a child growing up," said Gordon.

Those who maintain Heritage Hall discovered water damage while setting up for a weekend event. Parks and Rec Director Kevin Boatright said Ardmore's technical services checked it out and found the building had an unwanted skylight: part of the roof had been peeled back.

"That allowed a lot of rain to come into the building and knock out ceiling tiles and cause some damage on the ceiling on the inside as well as on the floor below," said Boatright.

Boatright said more rain could impact their scheduled events, but hopes the hole's location will prevent that from happening.

"It's kind of toward the corner of the building so it wouldn't effect necessarily every case," he said.

The city doesn't know the extent of the damage or how much repairs will cost yet. But Gordon would like to see this piece of history get patched up right away.

"Hopefully they can get it cleaned up as good as they can get it," said Gordon.

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