High school players learn more than football fundamentals at ECU football camp

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ADA, OK -- High school football players from across Oklahoma got a taste for the next level as they wrapped up a 3 day football camp at ECU.

It was hosted by the NFL and the National Guard.

ECU football coaches helped teach the players the importance of fundamentals.

"Football a lot of times gets a bad rep because it's such a physical game, and there's always concern about concussions and all that kind of stuff now," said ECU Defensive Coordinator, Randy Pippin. "I think if you just teach kids how to play properly and execute the fundamentals the way they're supposed to be then it causes them to have more fun and have a safer game," said Pippin.

But blocking, tackling, and passing weren't the only skills players learned.

Coaches also help players focus on character development and social media consciousness.

Pippin says it's important for players to know that one wrong tweet could damage their career.

"All of a sudden they think something, or think it would funny or cute and put it out there and it's misconceived and sheds a bad light on them and if they're apart of a team, it makes the whole team look bad," said Pippin

Ada High School Quarterback, Tryce Prince, knows its important for leaders to have good character on and off the field.

"You gotta lead by example, you can talk all you want, but if you don't lead by example, they won't follow along," said Prince.

When it comes to social media, Prince and his teammates are encouraged to keep it clean.

"One of the coaches said to use the mom rule, 'would you want your mom to see it,' and so that's just what we're trying to do here...trying to get people to make smart decisions, and not make any decisions that could cost them their scholarship or their career," Prince said.

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