High schoolers gather at ECU to participate in Oklahoma Business Week

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ADA, OK -- 85 high schoolers from Oklahoma and Texas are working together this week at ECU's Oklahoma Business Week program.

The six day program teaches students the fundamentals of starting and operating a business, and Byng High School junior, Dylan West, says it's a lot more fun than you might think.

"Going into any college camp, most teenagers think, 'aw man this is gonna be boring,' but you really learn that business is actually really fun," said West.

The students are split into teams, where they work together to operate and run a business, while also competing against the other teams.

Director, Stacy Bolin, says the program gives students a taste of what the business world is really like.

"They get to interact with business people. They get to run a simulated business," Bolin said.

Recent Lone Grove graduate, Johnna Hacker, says she's learning something new everyday.

"I didn't think that each little thing could affect the outcome of your decisions, and how all these little things go into the business," Hacker said.

Bolin says the skills learned during Oklahoma Business Week can not only be applied to careers in business, but in many other careers as well.

"Often times you are going to have an element of that business that you're in that you need to have those business skills, and so this is a great opportunity for students to be introduced to business, and to build that skill set that they may use no matter what career they choose down the road," Bolin said.

And Davis High school graduate, Hunter White, says although the business world is very competitive, one thing he has learned is to never give up.

"The biggest thing that they've told us, and it's been told by four or five of the speakers is you can't let someone tell you you can't," White said. "The whole point is you come back; you have to find that drive to push yourself to get what you want."

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