High-speed chase through two states ends in three arrests

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DENISON, TX -- It was suppose to be a routine traffic stop in Calera.

But Calera Police say Durant resident Katie Wise, 23, told them she didn't stop because she didn't have a driver's license.

So she sped on at speeds of 85 miles an hour down Hwy 69/75.

Once she got into Colbert, a Colbert officer was waiting along the highway to help out.

"I was in the left-hand lane, a semi was my the right hand land. And the semi was traveling at about 30 miles per hour. And she made contact with the rear of my vehicle at about 67 miles per hour," said Officer David Boes.

Boes said he recovered and caught up to the chase on the Red River Bridge.

"And she turned into me, side-swiping the right-hand side of my vehicle," he said.

Police say the SUV crashed in a wooded area near FM 120 and Hwy 91 in Denison, trapping two passengers inside. But the driver got free and ran off.

"I tackled that suspect, the other officers - plus Calera - apprehended the two other suspects who were in the vehicle," Boes said.

Police found three grams of meth in the SUV.

They arrested Elizabeth Berson, 30, on drug charges. Police aren't releasing the identity of the other passenger, but say that person was also arrested.

Wise faces charges from three different departments, including aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, eluding a police officer and drug charges.

Boes said this is the most dangerous chase he's ever been in.

"Had to be the most intense due to the vehicles making contact, as fast as they did," he said.

Boes said doctors checked him out for whiplash, but said he's doing fine.

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