Highway 75 construction update

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SHERMAN, TX -- Construction northbound on highway 75 has drivers slowing down and getting into one lane. TXDOT officials assure the road work will be done soon.

"Everyone is trying to get into that one lane and it causes some back up and I've been into a couple almost fender benders," said Sherman resident, Logan Chapman.

That one lane is causing delays.

"Well, it kind of depends on what time of day you get into it. Because if you get into it at the wrong time you kind of get grid locked," said Sherman resident Gerry Hull.

The road work starts near downtown Sherman, and goes about a mile and a half north. But, TXDOT plans to continue their work all the way to the red river. They are repairing certain spots along the highway with the most damage.

"Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to make all of the repairs that we'd like to make. So, we're just selecting the worst spots and making those repairs," said TXDOT engineer David Selman.

Selman says the northbound construction will be over by at least the second week of July, then roadwork will begin on southbound 75 near US Highway 91. Selman says TXDOT will be replacing a lane, and repairs will take about two weeks.

Despite the congestion, Hull realizes the work has to get done.

"Roads need to be maintained and upkept because if you don't they'll get so bad you can't get where you want to go period," said Hull.

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