Highways in Lamar County increasing speed limit

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX - Motorists driving on Highways 19 and 24 will soon be traveling a little faster, new 75 mph speed limit signs are going up this week.

In 2011 Governor Rick Perry signed a bill allowing the Texas Department of Transportation to increase the speed limit on some Texas highways

"We've gotten the speed studies done and the highways that do warrant an increase in speed, they are now getting the new sign." said TXDOT Public Information Officer Tray Turner.

Based on those studies TXDOT is increasing the speed limit on Highways 19 and 24 in Lamar and Delta counties from 70 to 75 mph.

The studies factor in a multitude of conditions on the highways such as traffic flow, accidents, road conditions and pedestrians.

Even with the higher rate of speed, TXDOT is reminding motorists to drive safely.

"What we like for people to do is to drive to the conditions even though it says 75." said Turner. "If there's rain, fog, if there's a lot of traffic use common sense and use the slower speed."

Most motorists we talked to didn't mind the change, but believe that speeders will still push the limits.

"Even when it was 65 they were pushing 70, 75, so on and so forth." said a Paris resident. "They are going to speed anyway, whether there's a speed increase or not."

"If it went to 85, they would go faster, so it wouldn't matter. They're always going to try to break the law a little bit." said Paris resident Richard Bates.

TXDOT started changing those signs today, but reminds motorists the new speed limit doesn't go into effect until the new signs are posted.

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