Historic 9/11 fire truck "Rescue 4" stops in Texoma

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HOWE, TX -- On 9/11 343 Firefighters and paramedics died in the attacks, and today a fire truck that carried several of them to the scene made its way to Texoma.

Howe hosted the "Rememberance Rescue Project" Monday afternoon from 1 to 6. Dozens of people went to catch a glimpse of the "Rescue 4" that survived the 9/11 attacks and hear the story of the men who rode it into danger hoping to save lives.

Most all of us remember where we were when the Twin Towers were hit. The FDNY Rescue 4 and its crew were there n the midst of the terror. The truck with its battle scars made its way to Howe for dozens of people to see.

"This is the top of the top for us to see a piece of history come from 9/11 down here to visit us is just fantastic," Robert Maniet, Howe's Fire Chief, said.

Greg Fenn, who drives Rescue 4 says though the truck survived Its crew of 8 did not. He says they died while rescuing others as the second tower collapsed, and knowing that sparks emotion as people look and remember.

"A whole crew from the fire department die on this, this fire truck it's just real surreal," Howe Mayor Jeff Stanley said.

"I'm amazed by their heroism, and to do that to go into that, you know that atmosphere and lose their lives," Heather Sanderson said.

"An emotional thing to stand here and realize just how close to that even that that truck was and knowing those men, those brave men that stepped off of it and stepped into it what they stepped into that blows me away," J.W. Ham said.

Fenn says Rescue 4 has traveled across the nation, a tribute to the bravery of the fallen first responders and a reminder of how 9/11 changed the lives of every American.

"I actually left the fire service for four years and did counter terrorism stuff overseas because of the events of 9/11," Fenn said.

A sight so touching it brings viewers like J.W. Ham to fight back tears.

"If your patriotism doesn't come out of this then there is something wrong with you," Ham said.

People who went to the even also could also give blood. If you missed out on seeing Rescue 4 Fenn says the truck's tour will continue.For when and where you can see the fire engine visit the website of the Allen Firefighters Association at http://www.affa3453.com.

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