Hit & run, chase ends with 2 arrested in downtown Sherman

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- A routine traffic stop in Sherman turns into a high speed chase through downtown this afternoon and ends with the police drawing guns on the suspects.

I'm standing where this all went down here in downtown Sherman just before one o'clock today.

People here were shocked this afternoon, when they looked out their store fronts and saw this high speed chase unfold right before their eyes.

FIDEL: All of the sudden I hear like sirens and I thought it was just like an ambulance, like just a typical emergency.

But what happened in downtown Sherman this afternoon was anything but typical...
A routine traffic stop turned into a high speed chase... Police say it Started on Lamar Street -- and the suspects threw drugs out of the window along the way...

"The next thing you know, I just hear a big crash and then I go outside and I see the cars," Fidel Bravo said.

Bravo opened his front door to this hit and run accident.

The suspects hit this TransAm at the corner of Ricketts and Freeman, then continued to drive downtown.

"Well we were sitting over here and there was a truck went by, looked like he was going about 45-50 miles an hour; definitely fast for downtown," Knight Furniture employee Phil Stephenson said.

Downtown employees watched as the suspects drove east on Lamar, then turned back around, driving west on Houston.

"Then thought it was all over. I thought well, they're going to the highway, I thought, 'Well, I'll see on the news tonight,'" Missy Sofey-Andrews with Sofey Design said.

But instead of hitting the highway, the suspects came back up Lamar Street again and came to a stop on the square in front of Knight Furniture.

"Partly because of the damage that the truck received: it had a flat tire and there was a lot of traffic there in the downtown area," Sgt. DM Hampton with Sherman police said.

Stephenson watched police apprehend the suspects.

"I see him say something to the woman in the car with him and they just kind of pull in. The police cars pull in right behind him, one zips up in front, one zips up on the side. He wasn't going anywhere at that point," Stephenson said.

"Officers were just immediate surrounding the vehicle. I'd never seen that in Sherman, but I was very impressed with the police force," Sofey-Andrews said.

Police say they have two suspects in custody: Roy Samples and Lacey Adams.

Sgt. Hampton says the driver, Samples, could face a felony charge of evading arrest and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The passenger, Adams, could face charges of possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

Fortunately, no one was injured during this police chase.

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