Honey Grove library nominated for national award

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HONEY GROVE, TX --- The Bertha Voyer Memorial library in Honey Grove has been named as one of the finalists for the "Best Small Library in America"

Someone once said, a room without books is like a body without a soul. And one small library in Honey Grove believes just that.

"We're a small community and this library is really the heart and soul of the community," said Malinda Allison, president of Friends of Bertha Voyer Memorial Library.

The Bertha Voyer Memorial Library has been around since 1962 and after all of its contributions to the community...it's finally being recognized.

"This Spring we were named as finalist for the best small library in America and we are so proud. Everyone here in Honey Grove knows how great this library is," said Allison.

Other people from surrounding communities and around the country are starting to notice too.

"We've gotten five different awards this year recognizing Honey Grove for its excellence as a small town library, for advocating for the citizens of Honey Grove and we're just terribly excited this recognition has finally come. We believe its long overdue," said Gary Fernandez, board member of the Hall Voyer Foundation.

The Bertha Voyer Memorial Library is completely run by a private foundation. The Hall Voyer Foundation. It helps the library give back to the community, not only with books and internet access, but also with photography and sewing clubs, E.S.L. and G.E.D. courses and various other programs throughout the year.

"I think its great. We don't get a chance as a community to celebrate something that is much of an achievement for our little town," said Myra Rodgers, a Honey Grove resident.

Honey Grove was one of three finalist with a chance to be named the "Best Small Library in America" and although they did not win the community celebrated its achievement Saturday with a petting zoo, inflatable slide and live music.