Hope for Ardmore helps those in need

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The line into the Hardy Murphy Coliseum stretched from the parking lot Saturday. Inside this building churches and businesses came together for Hope for Ardmore, which focuses on reaching out to people in need.

Scott Moore said he struggled financially for a year after suffering a back injury. That's why he started this annual event.

"We stood in food lines," Moor said. "And it really just inspired us to get into the compassion ministry. And we saw there was really a need in Ardmore--something we had never seen before."

Some people have said that they stood in line for almost two hours. But they also said that it's worth the wait.

"Just wanted to come out and see what was going on, I know it's a good thing," said Frances Byars, who attended.

Local businesses volunteered to give free vision screening, flu shots and HIV tests. And Nearly 7,000 people received free groceries, haircuts, a holiday meal and toys for their children.

"Hopefully my kids will have a great Christmas this year..hopefully," said Byars.

Byars is a songwriter and has five children. And Moore said it brings him joy to give back to families like hers.

"To give them a little encouragement," Moor said. "And let them know that there's people out there who stand behind them and hoping that things will get better for them."

Because anybody could need that encouragement.or hope.

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