Hope for Homes gives parents of cancer victim hope

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- Two hundred sixty eight volunteers from as far north as Wisconsin have been in Durant this week, fixing up dozens of homes of people in need.

The Zachry's are just one of 39 homeowners getting their home repaired by these charitable teens.

They say that these kids aren't just helping them physically, but they're also helping them cope with the loss of their son.

Tommie and William Zachry say that in just three days, the teen volunteers who have been repairing their home, have found a way into their hearts.

"These young people are wonderful. They're painting, doing repairs; they're just wonderful," Tommie said.

The Zachry's are one of 39 homeowners benefiting from Hope for Homes this week.

On Sunday, 268 teens from across the country descended on Durant to repair homes for the elderly, disabled, low-income and veterans.

"We could not afford to make the repairs financially and we're just getting older," Tommie said.

"With them coming, it was great," William said.

Tommie and William lost their son, Rocky, to cancer in August.

Between the medical bills and their grief, they haven't been able to work on their home themselves.

"I wish Rocky had been around to see all of this take place," William said.

William says having the volunteers around reminds him of his own kids.

"Just like my kids coming home," William said.

Two teens from Colorado, who have been working on the Zachry's home, say it's been a positive experience for them as well.

"Well I think it's really cool that God is using us to answer someone's prayers," participant Jackie Nunnally said.

"Just getting to know a person; what they believe in, who they are, is just great," participant Brittany Pair said.

"It will be real hard for me to say goodbye to them because we don't have a whole lot of visitors except when the kids come home and that's not very often," William said.

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