Howe Police Chief to open CHL facility in Tioga

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TIOGA, TX -- Howe's Police Chief is opening up a Concealed Handgun Licensing facility in Tioga. He hopes it will help put a "boom" in the local economy.

A building off Gene Autry once was Tioga's post office, but next month it will officially become "Handgun Instructors of Texas".

"Huge supporter of our second amendment and as we know that's come under fire. A lot of people are looking for competent fire arms training and I believe we can offer that," Hudman said.

Former Tioga Police Chief Carl Hudman -- who is now the chief in Howe -- has been a CHL instructor since 2007 and finally decided it was time to open up his own facility .

What is now an empty space will soon be turned into a classroom that will hold at least 20 students.

"We've actually taught classes in Tioga in the past and again this will be the first time we've had our own facility to teach out of, but there's a huge demand," Hudman said.

A demand that he is hoping will boost business in the small town of about 800 people.

"It will at least introduce people to Tioga. A lot of people aren't familiar with it, and when they get here they tend to like it and hopefully they'll come back and shop and eat and spend some time here," Hudman said.

"Anything to bring in tax revenue helps," Hilliard said.

Clarks BBQ is right down the street from the new CHL facility. Co-Owner James Hilliard hopes people will stop by.

"It may bring in a lot of people and bring in that extra tourist traffic that every town needs especially us little ones," Hilliard said.

Hudman says 90 percent of the course will be taught in this building and the hands on training will be performed at an outside shooting range near town. Hudman says you are expected to have basic training before entering the class.

For more information on CHL courses visit the Texas Department of Public Safety's website at

If you are interested in signing up for Hudman's classes call 903-821-7527.

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