Howe city officials finalize former police chief resignation, no interim assigned

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HOWE, TX-Howe city officials got together for a special meeting Thursday night to finalize the former police chief's resignation and begin the search for a new chief.

Howe city council voted unanimously to accept former police chief John Cherry's resignation Thursday but they decided not to assign an interim. Instead, Mayor Jeff Stanley said they found it easier to have the city administrator be in charge of the police department while they search for a new, permanent, police chief.

Stanley did not specify why Cherry was on the agenda for disciplinary action last week, but he said the former chief resigned from his position because of policy issues brought before the council.

"I think it was for the best. He resigned and didn't have to go through all the hassles and everything, so it was the best not only for himself but for all of us," he said.

Stanley said Cherry is not under investigation.

Howe city council also agreed to start accepting applications for a new police chief immediately and will have that job posted until February.
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