Hundreds of area teachers learn from educational speaker

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BELLS, TX -- More than 400 educators from several Texoma schools learned a valuable lesson in how to better educate our kids. News 12 was there as they heard from one of the most sought after educational leaders in the nation, Dr. Eric Jensen, author of "Teaching with Poverty in Mind".

Becoming better educators for our children, that is the goal of about 430 teachers from Bells, Howe, Gunter and Whitesboro ISDs. For about seven hours Friday they listened in on a lecture presented by motivational speaker and author Dr. Eric Jensen.

Bells Superintendent Joe Moore says he is proud his school could host the event to kick off the new school year.

"It's extremely important to get teachers started in the right direction and give them tools that they can use in their classroom," Moore said.

The presentation provided teachers with tools to meet the needs of underprivileged children who often lack help and educational resources at home.

"If you have 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 or 40 or more at your school, percent of students from poverty you are likely to have students struggle unless you change how you do things and that was our focus today. How do we do things so that every student can succeed," Dr. Jensen asked.

"And he gave them some strategies to deal with that. Give them some understanding on some brain research that affects their learning and how the atmospheres that they grow up in, and it's not just the kids in poverty that these tools will work for, but it's all of our students," Moore said.

Bells ISD Assistant Superintendent Tricia Meek says these days students are being required to take more rigorous tests and learn at a higher level. She says this lecture provided new and engaging strategies to teach all kids the more difficult content and raise the bar for the education they provide.

"All students can learn, and can learn at high levels, and its our job and our call as a teacher to help bring that and help pull that out of them," Meek said.

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