I-35 lanes closing for Gainesville construction

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GAINESVILLE, TEXAS -- If your path crosses the intersection of I-35 and Highway 82, you may need to look for a new route over the next couple days.

I-35's north and southbound lanes at that intersection will be closing tonight and tomorrow night for a total of 22 hours.

Texomans who cross that intersection know that the area is growing.

"This part of the world, everything's growing. We've seen more and more traffic," TXDOT Engineer Michael Hallum said.

TXDOT Engineer Michael Hallum says this growth led to TXDOT's decision to expand the US 82 overpass by adding more space for what they call a "Texas turnaround," or u-turn.

But to do that, Monday night and Tuesday night, they'll need to close north and southbound lanes of I-35.

"The first thing we gotta do is get the beams hung, but we can't hang those with traffic underneath," Hallum said.

TXDOT is putting up new beams to support what will be an expanded bridge. For your safety, they can't put those beams up while traffic is flowing.

From 8 p.m. Monday until 7 Tuesday morning, they're shutting down these I-35 northbound lanes starting at the 82 exit. From 8p.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Wednesday, they're closing I-35 southbound lanes, also starting at the 82 exit.

"Drivers coming northbound, they'll need to be taking the US-82 exit. Southbound will be the same thing. Tuesday night, we'll have all the barrels, everything's in place, telling everybody where they're going to exit. They'll exit at the US-82 exit for southbound 35," Hallum said.

TXDOT says these detours are simple, but residents may want to avoid the area altogether if possible.

"People need to expect significant delays because we're going to have the intersections, the signals, more green-time for the frontage roads so that we can get the cars that are coming off 35 back on 35 as quick as possible," Hallum said.

The entire construction project at the 35/82 intersection should be finished by June or July.

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