Ice stalls sections of I-35 in North Texas

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DALLAS (AP) - Authorities say treacherous sections of icy Interstate 35 north of Dallas have been closed for hours at a time intermittently over the last day as tractor-trailers have difficulty climbing hills, wrecks occur and vehicles stall.

Jody Gonzalez, chief of Denton County Emergency Services, said Saturday about 200 people have been in shelters in the Sanger area - about 50 miles north of Dallas - after getting stuck.

He says some were able to drive to the shelter while others were rescued from their vehicles stuck on the highway and taken to shelters.

Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman Michelle Releford says road graders and more sand and salt trucks are being sent to try to ease the ice problems.

According to Releford, "We're sending in everything we've got."

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