Icy conditions send dozens to the ER

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Parking lots, sidewalks and secondary roads are downright dangerous. With more people getting out of their homes following the storm, doctors say they've treated a large number of people with injuries from slipping and falling on the ice.

As the ice melts from roads, drivers are becoming more confident.

But, when it comes to parking lots and sidewalks it's a whole different ball game.

"I'm scared to death to try to walk!" Penny VanLaningham said.

Penny and her husband Dean VanLaningham commuted into Sherman for a doctors appointment Tuesday.

"We drove in just fine, but when we get to the parking lots, well then there's ice everywhere so we have to be very careful," Penny said.

This parking lot is a great example. A 2 inch sheet of ice covers it, making it one big skating rink.

"It's very slick and you have to be very careful how you walk," Dean said.

The slick conditions have filled up the ER at Texoma Medical Center.

"A majority of the patients I've seen today, in a twelve hour period, I'd say 50 percent of them have been slips and falls on the ice," Dr. William Entrikan said.

In fact, medical director of the emergency room, Dr. William Entrikan, says in the last two days they've treated nearly 30 such people.

"It varies from head injuries that have been severe to not as severe, extremity fractures, you know, arm and leg fractures, rib fractures," Dr. Entrikan said.

Private crews are working to clear parking lots, and employees are clearing sidewalks.

"I've been at home for the past few days, and getting really restless working from home. So, I figured might as well help out the situation up here and try to clear the sidewalks," Sean Norton said. "You really have to be careful."

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