Icy road conditions continue in North Texas

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Day four of the Arctic Blast in North Texas and the ice is still holding people, and their vehicles, captive.

"This is unlike anything I've ever seen," driver Jeff Urban said.

"I guess once in a lifetime storm, or something of that nature," truck driver Kenny Smith said.

Slush was a sign of improvement Sunday, but it wasn't enough. Roads, like Highway 75 northbound in Van Alstyne, remained closed.

Grayson County Emergency Management called Highway 82 a "parking lot'' and Highway 289 an "ice skating rink".

Semi-trucks stacked along Highway 75 in Anna and Howe, waiting out the weather, after watching many of their colleagues jackknife on the ice.

"Once you start going jackknifing, you're sunk," truck driver Dennis Gaff said.

Gaff found refuge at the Sherman Walmart Friday night, after his truck couldn't make it up a hill.

"The police backed us all down the hill and then we get over here and I've just sat here since," Gaff said.

He's one of several semi drivers here that had the same idea to sit it out.

"I can't even get out of this parking lot right now," Gaff said.

"Seems like there's ice, snow and then ice again," Smith said.

Smith also stopped at Walmart on his drive from Kansas City, picking up canned food in case he, too, gets stuck.

"I was hoping the further south I got, the weather was going to improve or the temperature at least was going to warm up, but it's just the opposite," Smith said.

Drivers, stranded over the weekend, are now making moves to get to their destination.

"I've been here for two days, and we're only going 30 more miles," Urban said.

Others say they're getting out just because they're antsy with cabin fever.

"It's been terribly. I just was very happy to have an opportunity to just get out of the house," Sherman resident Emily Williams said.

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