Icy weather could impact blood supply

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ARDMORE, OK - Icy weather spells trouble for blood banks in it's path. The Oklahoma Blood Institute said icy roads not only mean more accidents they mean fewer donations and cancelled blood drives.

"It really puts a strain on the blood supply so we need donors coming in before the weather gets here," said Susan Crews,OBI Ardmore Executive Director.

OBI needs 600 to 700 donors a day to make sure hospitals around the state are well-stocked. In Ardmore they shoot for 60 to 70 donors a day.

But with potential for ice and snow keeping donors off the roads that could be a tough goal to meet. That's why Gisele Gee is already rolling up her sleeves.

"The last couple times I've been asked to come in during the week," said Gee. "And this time I figured it had to do with the weather and the possibility of accidents."

"Surgeries, cancer patients, those kinds of situations that need continuous blood support don't go away when the holidays hit or winter weather hits," said Crews.

An icy day doesn't stop OBI from doing their jobs. Each one of their vehicles is equipped with the right stuff for an icy day like cat litter and de-icer to make sure blood always gets to where it needs to be.

And while they're ready to roll even in winter weather they don't want donors to have to risk it. That's why they're asking you to donate Thursday morning before the storm hits.

"Just go to our website, look for the open donor centers and come donate blood," Crews said.