Improvements to Durant Communication Center

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DURANT, OK -- Every second counts in an emergency. Now the Durant Communication Center is saving those precious seconds to help save lives. Kristen Shanahan shows us the new high tech improvements.

Dispatchers at the Durant Communication Center serve eight law enforcement agencies, 19 fire departments and four ambulance services .

"Dispatching is a one of a kind job it's high stress, multitasking," Dispatcher Lacy Dillingham said.

"It is very busy here because when there is only two of us it's not enough people," Dispatcher Sheila Salas said.

Communications Supervisor Captain Mike Woodruff says dispatchers are on the front lines. At times, working three calls at one time while talking to a first responder.

"And I just stand back in awe because it just flows. I don't know how they do it, but I'm just amazed that they can do that," Woodruff said.

However, a new updated website cuts down on some of those calls by answering common questions about 9-1-1.

All of the dispatchers are currently doing online job training, and will soon attend classes to better learn how to communicate in the event of an active shooting.

"It better prepares our dispatchers to help better serve not only the public, but the officers," Woodruff said.

Now going from three screens to seven helps dispatchers work more quickly and efficiently.

"The multiple screens its easy access. We have more resources," Dillingham said.

"We're able to access more records and compile data," Woodruff said.

"I wonder how I ever did it on pen and paper because it really helps us a lot," Salas said.

Capt. Woodruff also says they are working to put more dispatchers on staff so they'll have three on at all times.

Below is a link to the Durant Communication Center website.

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