Insurance agent gives storm damage advice

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SHERMAN, TX -- If you are hit by hail, damaging winds or a tornado local insurance agents have advice for you.

Farmers Insurance Agent Brian Kimberlin says if the damage is severe contact your provider's claim service. He says if you suffer from hail or just minor damage call your local agent. He says it is a good idea to take pictures of what has been damaged and document hail size. Kimberlin also mentions to keep an inventory list of what is in your home and keep it in a safe place away from your residence.

"You don't have to get too specific. I like to tell people either write some stuff down or take a snap shot of each room. That can kind of give us an overall view of what you've got," Kimberlin said.

Kimberlin says having insurance is necessary. He says most anyone can be the victim of storm, water or fire damage.

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