Interurban Film Festival underway in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- Lights, camera, action! The first annual Interurban Film Festival is now underway in Sherman and it is reeling in both films and fans from around the world.

It is the Interurban Film Festival's first take and so far it is getting two thumbs up. Founder Sean Vanderveer says what started as a simple idea has become a reality.

"We wanted to bring some sort of economic boost to the area and we didn't want to do something that other people were already doing so we decided why not a film festival? We had a meeting with the Mayor and I threw that idea out there and it stuck and everybody said run with it," Vanderveer said.

Vanderveer quickly got to work, spread the word and next thing he knew the festival was grabbing the attention of people around the world. Movie makers from Sherman to Australia submitted their films.

This year's Interurban Film Festival features 24 films and is being held at the Kidd Key Auditorium in downtown Sherman.

"We have anything from comedy to drama to some dark comedy, a horror flick and we have some zombie movies actually," Vanderveer said.

Three of the 24 films selected to play at the festival were written and directed by students from Stephen F. Austin.

"I think communities like Sherman putting on film festivals like this is great, particularly from the film makers point of view because any place I can get a film in front of an audience, I consider that a success," Ricky Kennedy, creator of "In the Original Geek", said.

"It's great to have an audience especially to be outside of the area that your normally at and get some feedback from folks that don't actually know you personally," Herbert Midgely, creator of "Rise of the Robots", said.

The Interurban Film Festival continues Saturday. It is $20 dollars to get in. Awards and an after party will follow the event.

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