Investigation continues into Madill plant explosion

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MADILL, OK -- Investigators are still looking into the cause of Monday's explosion that killed two workers and left one injured and they say it could be months before they have answers.

The explosion at the Mid American Steel and Wire Plant Monday afternoon just south of Madill killed two men and left family and community members shocked and grieving the tragic loss.

The medical examiners office says 22-year-old Brody Davenport of Durant and 38-year-old Gonzalo Martinez of Madill both died Monday due to thermal injuries and smoke inhalation and both were ruled as accidents.

In an email from, Taryn Davenport, Brody's wife she told News 12 that "he impacted so many people. Our families, church family, and the whole community have been behind us. we are so thankful for all the support and prayers."

The funeral for brody will be held on Saturday at 10 AM at the 7th and Beech Church of Christ in Durant according to the Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home website.

The funeral service for Gonzalo Martinez will be held at 3 PM on Friday at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Madill according to the Watts Funeral Home website.

The explosion is currently being investigated by OSHA.

A spokesperson with OSHA Juan Rodriguez said, "they inspect the area to determine if any OSHA standards or regulations were violated...they interview any witnesses, they interview employees, they will review the history of the company."

Rodriguez says the investigation into the different possible causes could take up to 6 months saying "they may also in the general sense, look for equipment failure"

OSHA says their investigation could take up to six months.

The company that operates mid american steel and wire has released this statement about the deadly accident saying, "On Monday January 20th,2014, a tragic accident occurred at Mid American Steel and Wire. A violent reaction occurred at the Electric Arc Furnace resulting in two fatalities, two valuable team members of our company family. The team members we lost were Mr. Brody Davenport a second generation member of our organization and Mr. Gonzalo Martinez who also has many relatives working for our organization, both men have roots that run deep within our collective family. Our prayers and thoughts are with their families during this very difficult time. An accident investigation is currently underway both internally as well as with outside agencies such as OSHA & law enforcement. Company operations have been halted until further notice. We appreciate the patience of all those affected while we complete the investigation and deal with this tragic loss."