Investigators reconstruct fatal Calera accident

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CALERA, OK -- Investigators spent more than two hours reconstructing a fatal accident in Calera Thursday.

The OHP crash team and Calera Police used several methods to investigate what caused Sunday's accident that killed a 13-year-old Arlington girl and seriously injured her mother and 6-year-old brother.

Police say a pick up headed southbound on Highway 69 slammed into the white car, wrapping it around a pole.

Investigators are trying to find out if anyone should be prosecuted.

"We have skid marks here so we'll be able to tell how fast they were running before impact," OHP Captain Ronnie Hampton said. "This will let us know the types of forces applied to the car, what direction the forces were applied to the car, why some people were seriously injured, why some people were killed."

Hampton says the 6-year old boy is in stable condition, while the mother remains in critical condition.

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