Jackpot phone scam targets Texoma landlines

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SHERMAN, TX - An old phone scam with a new twist is targeting Texoma landlines.

A Pottsboro woman contacted News 12 today after a caller claiming to be from a local casino told her she'd won $2.5 million. In order to claim her jackpot, the caller told the woman she needed to purchase a prepaid Green Dot debit card from a local drug store to pay for "taxes and processing fees" on her new fortune.

The woman hung up and called News 12. She didn't fall for it, but she wanted to get the word out about this scam before anyone fell victim.

This variation of the Green Dot Card scam has been reported around the country to target senior citizens.

If you get one of these calls, never give personal information over the phone, hang up, and contact the Federal Trade Commission immediately.

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