Jan-Kay Ranch, not your average ranch

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Just over four miles east of Detroit, Texas is the 350-acre Jan-Kay Ranch Christian Camp and Adult Retreat center, but this isn't your average ranch.

Roaming the ranch are rhinos, lions, camels, bears, kangaroos, monkeys and many more. But animals aren't the only attraction the ranch has. There's also a 12-acre lake, water park, football, baseball and soccer fields, mini-golf and much more. The ranch is mainly used for camps during the summer, when up to 130 kids come every week to enjoy the outdoors.

Its owners say they want to share their love of the country and explain the animals to kids.

"We send guides out with them(campers) that talk about the animals and tell them what they are all about and how they were made and why they are made like they are.' said resident Tim Reger.

Reger tells us about a night he almost walked into a camper finding out it's about more than the animals for kids visiting.

"He's looking up at the stars and he said Mr. Tim I'm sorry but don't send me back to the cabin, I don't get to see stars like this in Dallas." says Reger. "So we turned the lights off and I laid down on the grass and we spent about an hour watching the stars. That's something they don't get out there, they don't get to be close to a buffalo or a llama."

The ranch also has a hotel that guests can come year around and enjoy the outdoors.

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