Johnston County 911 receives 14 accidental calls in under four hours

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TISHOMINGO, OK-- We've all done it -- Dialed a number on our phones by accident. But its becoming a real problem for Johnston County Sheriff's Deputies.

Johnston County has been getting an especially high volume of accidental 911 calls over the past couple of months. "We had fourteen in a matter of about three and a half hours this morning... None of those were emergency calls. They were verified to be pocket dials. That's pretty standard. There have been periods where there are more than that," said Sheriff John Smith.

Sheriff Smith says most of these accidental calls come from children playing with their parents cell phones or from a speed dial tool on smart phones. And, pocket dial or not, dispatch has to treat every 9-1-1 call as an emergency. Lanette Coppedge, the 9-1-1 Coordinator for Johnston County, says they have to send a deputy to check out every call where someone does not respond.

While sheriff Smith isn't sure why so many more of these accidental calls are happening lately, he says the public can help lessen the nuisance by being conscious of their phones and aware of the fact that the 9-1-1 function is easily activated.

He hopes that greater awareness and fewer accidental calls will help save the department valuable resources, which could be better spent on real emergencies.