Johnston County Deputy saves woman from river

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK -- Around 4:20 Thursday afternoon, the Johnston County Sheriff's Department responded to a call at Blue River, just off Highway 7.

When they arrived at the scene, Deputy Bobby Morgan saw a woman in the middle of the river with just her face above the water. Unsure if it was a dead body or not, he called out to her. When she responded, he did the first thing he could think of.

"I immediately started taking off my duty gear, and jumped in the water and swam out to her," said Deputy Morgan.

Morgan said he noticed that 27-year-old Stormy Henderson of Atoka had blue lips and a pale face when he reached her in the river. Sheriff Jon Smith said hypothermia may have started to kick in.

"She was apparently ready to succumb to the cold temperatures, so she was kind of just hanging on and we responded very quickly and got to her before she drown," said Sheriff Smith.

Henderson was taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital in Tishomingo and was later released. According to the Sheriff's Department, Henderson was gathering feathers by the river and leaned in to look at a feather in the river when she fell in.

Deputy Morgan said the river is a very secluded place, and not many people know about it. He said that Henderson was lucky that someone else was at the river that day.

"I truly believe that that was a miracle by the grace of God that someone happened to be out here fishing and observed her," said Morgan.

That fisherman called 911, and Deputy Morgan was one of the first to arrive. Although some would consider Morgan a hero, he thinks otherwise.

"Whether I was in uniform or not, I would have done it anyways. It's not a heroic act, it's just the right thing to do," said Morgan.

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