Johnston County EMS and United Way helping community prepare for emergency

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JOHNSTON COUNTY ,OK -- Johnston County EMS and United Way of South Central Oklahoma are teaming up to help the community prepare for medical emergencies.

EMS Director, Kenny Power, says the two groups donated money to several agencies and schools to buy automated external defibrillators (AED).

Power says the defibrillators cost around $1500, and they donated about $500 to each agency.

He says they've help place eight defibrillators in the county in the last four years.

"Data has shown that early defibrillation in addition to CPR has resulted in an increase in survival rate for people in cardiac arrest," Power said. "So obviously our goal is we want everyone to do better and have every opportunity possible."

Power says they help batteries, pads, and other accessories that required for the defibrillators.

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