Jose's Hope: A Kidney Transplant Story - Part 2

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SHERMAN, TX -- We revisit the Paulin family in part two of the special series Jose's Hope: A Kidney Transplant Story. At only 23 years of age, their oldest son Jose' Julian suffers from kidney failure and desperately needs a new kidney to live.

The wait for Jose Julian to return home is over. But after having emergency surgery to have a blood clot removed from his lung a couple of weeks back, he's still too weak to speak on camera.

His life now consists of his mom, Mary driving him to dialysis treatments three times a week. Playing the role of healthy kidneys, the machine drains, filters and cleans his blood for up to four hours each visit.

It may sustain a patient's life for as long as 20 years or more.
But Jose Julian's kidneys began shutting down fourteen years ago.

"He was about 9 yrs old," says his father Jose Paulin. "He was really weak. Always trying to lay down and sleeping."

Jose Julian's end stage renal disease was due to a birth defect that stunted the growth of his kidneys. But those suffering from conditions that can affect kidney function, like diabetes or high blood pressure,
have more options to prevent kidney disease .

Endocrinologist Dr. Muhammed Choudhry of Texas Health Presbyterian WNJ says, "...such as aggressive control of your diabetes, aggressively lowering your blood pressure. This will prevent kidney disease. To monitor kidney disease, you just need to follow with your doctor so that they can continue to monitor your kidney functions. Most patients should have their kidneys monitored at least once a year and more frequently if you have a chronic medical condition"

But for Mr. Paulin it's a daily struggle to know that his firstborn son never had a choice.

"When he was 3 years old," he says, "he was really happy. Playing around like a normal kid. As a matter of fact, I bought him a bunch of toys because he was the only one. And we started seeing him going down, feeling weak, sleeping, tired...I am so sorry, I can't put it in better words but ...this is the story of my son."

Since he doesn't qualify for government aid, the Paulins need $125,000 for Jose's new kidney. Family and friends are fundraising to help cover costs but welcome donations to his medical benefit trust:

American Bank of Texas
401 E. Taylor St.Sherman, TX 75090
(903) 893-7555

In part 3, we'll meet Jose Julian Paulin and check the progress of funds needed to save his life.

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