Jurors hear 911 call in Gray murder trial

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GRAYSON COUNTY,TX -- An afternoon of graphic courtroom testimonies and heated moments occurred in day three in the murder case of Robert Gray Jr.

Rafael Murguia was Robert Gray Junior's cellmate in October 2013.

Wednesday, he divulged on the stand, that Gray confided in him; telling him, quote: "My stepson kicked and bit people and was loud. So I put a pillow over him so I could get some sleep, but when I woke up he wasn't moving."

"Every murder case is delicate. It's the most serious crime we have," said Assistant District Attorney Matt Johnson.

Assistant District Attorney Matt Johnson is prosecuting the case.

"There's a lot at stake; for the community, for the family of the victim, and for the defendant," said Johnson.

Gray is being tried in the murder of 15 year old Brandon White.

Prosecutors also presented evidence, Wednesday, from the murder scene at 303 Monterrey Street in Denison, January 8th, 2013.

"The physical evidence is always important in a case like this," said Johnson.

Evidence like several handfuls of bloody tissues found around the house by EMT's and investigators.

Jurors heard the 911 call made by Gray, in which he could be heard saying, "Hi how are you doing? My step-son is not breathing."

When first responders arrived at the home, Brandon was dead.

"The defendant's statements can always be used against them," said Johnson.

Video of the police interrogation, shown to the jury, shows that when Gray was asked how Brandon received lacerations on his body; Gray claimed it was from a fall a day before.

When investigators asked how Gray believed Brandon died, he said he didn't know, even though he did admit he was the last person to see Brandon alive.

Johnson says he hopes what the jurors witnessed Wednesday will help them convict.

"I'm confident that they'll see the evidence for what it is," said Johnson.