Just Between Friends sale comes to Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- There's a unique way for parents to earn money -- selling their children's old items.

Just Between Friends is taking place this weekend. Nicolette Schleisman found out what's its all about -- and how the event is also helping local charities.

"The economy is not in good shape and they are doing everything they can to make ends meet. And this is just a good way to do that," said Jayme Maxwell.

Jayme Maxwell is the owner of Just Between Friends in Sherman and Denison. A group where parents can sell their children's old and outgrown clothes and toys.

"It's a way that stay at home moms moms with young kids that can make money. Kids rarely use up their clothes, they just use them a little while and then they out grow them and there's tons of things left over," said Maxwell.

That is something Michelle Ramey understands.

"I have two kids, a 3-year-old and a 15-month-old. And I save a ton of money shopping at JBF versus shopping locally at the big box stores for their clothing," said Ramey.

Ramey says times are tough. But, with the help of Just Between Friends, she has been able to still bring gently used clothes and toys home. As well as some extra money.

"I save money. And by selling my kids old items, I make money. Even though I buy at the sale. I still bring in income to my family. So it helps a lot," said Ramey.

Just Between Friends opens to the public this Friday, and runs through Sunday at the expo hall in Sherman's Midway Mall. The cost Friday is $4. But it is free to get in on Saturday and Sunday. The money raised from cover on Friday will go to two charities.

"We work with the Grayson Shelter and the Pregnancy Care Center. And so they take in tons of merchandise away at the end in donations and then that helps them out in the end too," said Maxwell.

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