Justin Hammer found guilty

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GARVIN COUNTY, OK-- Justin Hammer was found guilty Thursday of the first degree murder of Brandon Duran in August 2012.

In his testimony, Hammer admitted to fatally shooting Duran, using an electric saw to cut up his body, and trying to hide his remains in cement filled buckets.

Hammer claimed Duran threatened him and his family and he killed Duran in self defense.
Duran's brother, however, says that story is just not true.
Garrett Wear says the past two years...have been a nightmare.

"There's no words to describe the void that forms when you lose a family member tragically like that."

Duran's family says they think there is more to the murder...and do not believe Hammer acted alone.

As Aida Figueroa, Duran's Sister-In-Law said, "I don't think Justin Hammer is completely to blame. I feel like he was used as a pawn in someone else's sick game."

The jury recommended a sentence of life in prison without parole for Hammer.
His sentencing is set for October sixth.