Keeping your car tuned up and your family safe in the cold

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Winter weather can bring a whirlwind of problems for you and your vehicle.

As temperatures drop vehicle issues can heat up. David Ellis, Manager of Ellis Truck and Auto in Sherman, says every winter they see several vehicles blow their engine because they are too low on antifreeze.

"We have a car here that we just got through working on that did that. It really did major damage to their engine. They had to replace most of the engine," Ellis said.

Ellis adds that cold air can deflate your tires so it is a good idea to check their pressure often.

"Checking your tires will save you a lot in tire wear and fuel mileage keeping the right amount of air pressure in your car," Ellis said.

He also recommends making sure your vehicle's hoses, belts, and windshield wipers work properly. Ellis says knowing your car's needs can help keep you safe and save cash.

"Keeping up with maintenance on your car will save you thousands of dollars every year," Ellis said.

Lt. Mike Eppler with Denison Police warns people never to let their vehicle heat up in the garage, no matter how cold it is.

"You have the emissions running out of the exhaust pipe of the vehicle that's deadly, and you absolutely never want to do that in any circumstance," Eppler said.

Eppler also says leaving your car running when you are not around makes it a target for thieves.

"Even if you lock the vehicle with it running there's still a possibility somebody could break the window out of it. ," Eppler said.

Eppler adds that children should never be left unsupervised in your vehicle.

"That is certainly something that we never want anyone to do because there have been times where people would get in the car to steal the car not knowing there was a child in the car," Eppler said.

For more information about keeping your vehicle safe and tuned-up during the winter months visit the link below.