"Kids College" turns youth into crime scene investigators

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DENISON,TX -- Some Grayson County children are becoming crime scene investigators in a "Kids College" class this week.

Tuesday, some Grayson County middle school students took a break from their summer vacation and got back into the classroom, but not to study English or History.

"We learned how to finger print different types of evidence and how to lift those prints," said Allison Alexander.

Learning how the pros investigate crime scenes.

It's part of the "Kids College" program being held at Grayson College this week.

Kids learn how to analyze evidence obtained at make-believe crime scenes, from instructor and campus police officer Allison Alexander.

"We are setting up exercises on the board, and they follow those directions. Then they are able to set up their own crime scene by themselves," said Alexander.

Alexander created a crime scene in a class next door, too gruesome to show on camera, but one the kids thought up themselves to investigate.

"We've had someone who was contaminated by a zombie, and unfortunately they had to be killed," said Alexander.

Grace Deffibaugh says the "CSI" on T.V. is a lot different than what she's learned.

"They make it look so easy, and so different, but it's really hard. Like doing the finger prints; it's really hard," said Deffibaugh.

"You see it on T.V. and you think it looks really cool, and then you do it and it's nothing like you expected," said Kate Gionfriddo.

Alexander says she hopes the class will inspire a new generation of crime scene investigators.

"Hopefully introducing them at this age will make them want to get into it when they get older," said Alexander.

The class ends Friday, but a junior police academy and a "Law and Order" class are scheduled for this month.

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