Kids take extra precaution in heat

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- Slides, pools, and side walk chalk, all outdoor activities that kids love doing during the summer months.

Ron Nixon, the athletic director for the Boys and Girls club, said it's important to keep a close eye on young children with temperatures this high.

"You can see a kids dehydration, it's immediate in a kid, when they are dehydrated. You can also tend to see when there body is lagging. You can see them physically exhausted."

The kids who attend the boys and girls club, go outside and play, but they also, play inside.

TexomaCare Pediatrician, Dr. Jody Lipscomb, said 90 percent of sun damage on your skin happens before you are 18. He recommends lathering up before you even leave your house.

"The higher the SPF ratings, especially in the kids sunblock, the higher the Zink-Oxide components. So you notice it's a lot thicker. I personally like the lotion sun block, you can message it in everywhere and you know it gets everywhere it's suppose to be."

One common danger is overheating, which could lead to heat sickness. While playing in the water, make sure kids are taking a break every hour, to let their skin breath. You're body isn't sweating like it should be.

"I think it's important to get them out of the pool, let them cool off, get them something to drink, towel them off a little bit, then let jump right back in.