Kingston club involving community in Lake Texoma State Park redevelopment

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Pointe Vista Development bought more than 750 acres of Lake Texoma State Park in 2008.

The land was to become the new home of a hotel and resort among other amenities. Clinton Rogers has invested in area land and said slow progress is costing him.

"My investment's actually losing money because people aren't going to want to go to an area now that doesn't have the draw of commerce."

And he's not the only one.

"Area businesses have been kind of closing down and there's been a lack of money flow," added Rogers.

That's led Restore Lake Texoma State Park to try and take back the restoration efforts.

Stephen Willis is the club director, and said the Commissioners of the Land office told residents they do have a say in the park's fate.

"We feel it's time to step up and follow through with that, or take the commissioners of the land office up on their original commitment," said Willis.

Their to-do list includes investigating the chain of events that led to the slowed development, supporting property rights and getting the community involved in the decision making process.

One of the suggestions from the meeting included filing a law suit against the corps of engineers for violating citizen civil rights by hurting their livelihoods.

"To get local folks directly involved in standing up and providing an alternative to the inertia that we've been in for 5 years," Willis said.

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