Kingston convenience store burglarized

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A Marshall County convenience store owner is dealing with a big mess after police say two juveniles broke into the business, taking off with cash and beer. It's how they got there that is puzzling.

Around midnight Saturday Marshall County Sheriff's deputies got the call that Circle G in Kingston was broken into. The store's owner was hiding from the intruders in the back room.

"He was afraid to come out because he didn't know whether they were armed or not," Deputy David Barnes said.

The owner was not hurt.

This break in was not the first crime the burglars committed that night.

"They had stolen an SUV from the Sherwood Shores Fire Department. They broke into the building and then they stole the keys. We don't know whether they were in the building or in the vehicle," Deputy Barnes said.

Deputies say the two drove to the convenience store in that stolen SUV, threw a defibrillator through the glass window and stole money, beer, cigarettes and many other items.

Investigators say because The two suspects are juveniles their not releasing their names. Deputies say they are still looking for the suspects and the SUV.

"Well they're probably, they stole a bunch of beer, we suspect they may be intoxicated somewhere,"

Deputy Barnes says the suspects will face charges in both Oklahoma and Texas for burglary and grand theft auto.

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