Kingston man sentenced for molesting children

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In October a jury found Randolph Derebery guilty of two counts of lewd molestation. Today he found out each count will cost him 5 years served consecutively. This adds up to 10 years he will be under lock and key. We spoke with the two victim's mother, whose identity we're protecting and she said she's pleased with the outcome.

"Glad he's off the streets, and anticipating a lot of people feeling a whole lot more safe," said the mother.

But that safety might not last all 10 years. Lewd molestation is known as an 85 percent crime. That means he must serve 85 percent of his sentence before being considered for parole, or eight and a half years. But First Assistant District Attorney Heather Cooper said the victory is getting a consecutive sentence, and for that she thanks the victims.

"Obviously it took a lot of strength and guts, bravery to come forward and testify in the way that they did," Cooper said.

Because of that bravery, Derebery has a long road ahead in the justice system. The prosecution offered Derebery and his attorneys a plea deal for his three other counts of lewd molestation, but so far they've heard no response. If no agreement is met, a trial for those counts will be held in April.

The mother of the victims said her children are putting this behind them, and are on the road to recovery.

"They're amazing kids, and all the girls involved in this case are," she said. "We'll be all right.