Kueckelhan Rodeo celebrates 57 years in Bonham

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BONHAM, TX -- For 57 years, one Bonham man has been putting on his own rodeo at his ranch.

For over 50 years, the Kueckelhan Ranch has been hosting their own rodeo.

"You don't even have to like rodeo to enjoy this rodeo, cause it's not just rodeo, it's entertainment. You'll be entertained throughout," said Marty Kueckelhan, son of Kueckelhan Ranch Rodeo owner.

This is one of the biggest events for Fannin County, and it all started with Haynes Kueckelhan 57 years ago. He wanted to put on a rodeo, and since then, it kept growing.

"When you put 55 years of your life in an activity like this, its not just something you just discard and throw in the trash can. It's something that you carry with you in your heart, and your thoughts and your mind and ideas and everything," says Kueckelhan.

The Kuekelhand Ranch Rodeo is a part of the United Professional Rodeo Association, but at first glance, you wouldn't expect it to be.

"I didn't realize the amounts of people that came to watch this rodeo. You know, it's a UPRA rodeo, its not a professional rodeo by standards, but in the same way its more professional than most professional rodeos, ya know the Kuekelhans do an amazing job," said Anthony Lucia, the announcer at the rodeo.

It's not all about the rodeo. Starting opening night, the ranch will help feed a few surrounding area's groups. They are also giving them complementary tickets to the rodeo.

"We're patriots. We're always trying to do something good to help the community or the county," said Kueckelhan.

And the Kuekelhan's don't see an end in sight.

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