Kwikset bringing new jobs to Denison plant

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DENISON, TX -- Kwikset employees brought color to the new Hwy 91 overpass last week, painting the Denison logo on the bricks.

But it's something else the company is bringing that's really exciting city officials.

Chris Johansen, plant manager, said they're adding at least 20 new jobs.

"And we're gonna see where things go from here, and we may have more in the pipeline," he said.

Kwikset makes building materials, like doorknobs - materials needed for new construction and renovations.

And Ron Schildknecht, with the Greater Texoma Association of Realtors, said local housing sales have increased each month since last spring.

"The new home builders are doing better, and they're reporting increased sales this year," he said. "Expect that trend to continue, because people are starting to realize houses are a good buy."

Johansen said they're in-sourcing more production to their Denison plant. He hopes to add even more jobs soon.

"The more revenue we can produce here, the more jobs we can fill, the more money stays locally, the more we can do great things within the local economy."

The Denison Development Alliance is excited about Kwikset's community service project to paint the new overpass.

"We've been here for 20 plus years, trying to give back a little bit to the community that supports us. And trying to do what we can to help out," Johansen said.

And DDA said they're doing just that - helping out.

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