Lake Murray shoreline clean-up volunteers collect trash

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CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Trash and debris has been left behind on this Lake Murray shoreline, and Saturday morning around 120 people braved the wind and rain to cleanup.

For volunteers like Valerie Bynum it's more than just a good deed.

"I have two grandparents who helped build this working for the WPA," said Bynum. "And five generations of us have enjoyed coming out here, learning to swim, learning to ski, fishing."

Connections like that have brought people out here for the second year in a row. Last year volunteers collected 13,000 pounds of trash.

"We've found glass, we've found lighters," said Amy Wisian, who helped organize this years cleanup.

She and another organizer divided up the lake into fourteen zones, and asked organizations and individuals in Ardmore to adopt a zone. From 9 til noon volunteers armed themselves with gloves from the Ardmore Beautification Council and trash bags from ODOT.

"The water is so low that it's exposed a lot of trash," said Wisian. "And we're going to take an opportunity to come and clean up the trash while the water's low."

With every beer bottle and piece of pipe they pick up Bynum said they're preserving the lake for years to come.

"Three generations are out here picking up trash today so we hope to keep it for future generations as well.."

After volunteers tie off their bags, park employees take the trash to the dump.

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